Contact with us


    Which type of coating material would suitable for our anodes?
    This will be diverse. According to your application environment, we will give you professional advice.
    How about the anode working current and voltage?

    Titanium anode could be used for many industries, different industries have different suitable currents and voltages take the following into consideration:

    The suitable environment for our titanium anode:

        Current density: below 2000A/M2
        Temperature: 40-60℃

    There mustn’t be any fluorine and cyanide ions in the electrolyte

    How about the titanium anode lifetime?
    The titanium anode lifetime for the different industries isn’t the same, half year to 50 years, according to your exact industry and environment, we will give you a guaranteed lifetime.
    Can you produce the anode for our ready equipment/generator?
    Yes, of course, we can. But different clients have different types of equipment/generators and may need different anode sizes, so usually, the drawings are very important. According to the drawings you offered to us, we make it.