Ruthenium Iridium Coated Titanium Anode For Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Ruthenium Iridium Coated Titanium Anode For Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

The most important mode of action of sodium hypochlorite disinfection is to form hypochlorite acid through its hydrolysis, and hypochlorite acid is further decomposed to form new ecological oxygen (O). The strong oxidation of new ecological oxygen-denatured substances such as bacteria and viruses, thus killing pathogenic microorganisms.

Secondly, in the process of sterilization and killing the virus, hypochlorite acid can not only act on the dry cell wall, and virus shell but also because the small hypochlorite acid molecule, with no charge, can also penetrate into the bacteria (virus) body, with bacteria (virus) body protein, nucleic acid, and enzymes, and other organic polymer oxidation reaction, thus killing pathogenic microorganisms.

Again, the chloride produced by diamine also significantly changes the osmotic pressure of the bacteria and viral bodies, making the cells lose their activity and die.

The electrolysis process of electrolytic saline sodium hypochlorite generator is an electrochemical reaction process, its only raw material is salt and water, making sodium hypochlorite solution is pure quality, although the chemical principle is simple, affects economic technical indicators, so the design of sodium hypochlorite generator electrolytic electrode to consider various factors, according to the compact and reasonable structure, operation energy saving, convenient operation and maintenance, high operation reliability, long service life, and other characteristics.

Sodium hypochlorite solution is added accurately, safe in operation, easy to use, easy to store, non-toxic to the environment, has no running gas leakage, and can be added under any environmental working conditions.

The Production yield can be 50g/h, 75g/h, 100g/h, 200g/h, 300g/h, 500g/h, 800g/h,1kg/h, 1500g/h, 2kg/h, 2500g/h, 3kg/h, 3500g/h, 4kg/h, 4500g/h, 5kg/h, 6kg/h, 7kg/h.

Sodium hypochlorite production systems can also design and customize a variety of output, current, voltage, and life of titanium electrode assembly. The life of the titanium anodes we produce can be up to 10-20 years. The quality is stable and the price is moderate. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.