Titanium Electrode Be Used For Swimming Pool Chlorinator and Disinfection

Titanium Electrode Be Used For Swimming Pool Chlorinator and Disinfection

SHAANXI ODEVS Titanium Anode has manufactured Titanium Anode and Electrodes for Pool and Spa industries for many years. And is proud to serve customers globally, especially those who are good at pool/spa water treatment projects.

We are the leading anode swimming pool Chlorinator in China and are known to provide the top chlorination solutions to the world for our electrode system.

Compare with the traditional disinfection method, electrolytic soft water can greatly reduce the stimulation of the human body, but also has the characteristics of small size, and easy maintenance. Has good conductivity. Strong corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and good processability. Long working life, good electrocatalytic performance.
Totally Choosing titanium anode for the swimming pool chlorinator which effectively reduces the bleaching and decolorization of swimming suits.  
Every year millions of people all over the world enjoy themselves in swimming pools. The traditional method is to produce hypochlorous acid using containing chlorine chemicals for sterilization and disinfection acid production-electrolytic salt water to produce chlorine technology is widely used.

This method is that the electric current passes through an electrolytic cell containing sodium chloride(NaCl)solution, the anode produces chlorine(Cl)ions and the cathode produces hydroxide(OH+)ions, like traditional chlorinated products, This method can also generate chlorine gas. The final product includes chloride ions, hydrogen ions, hypochlorous acid, and so on.

Our DSA titanium anode and cathode can be used in such disinfection devices. Improving the efficiency of chlorine production is the greatest advantage that MMO-coated titanium anode has. And, titanium anode and cathode could be working for longer life of its excellent and stable performance. Without any doubt, great cohesion between coating and substrate is another important factor for working life.

We always try to provide High-quality Titanium Electrodes and Efficient solutions.