Alkaline Water Ionizer Titanium Anode

Alkaline Water Ionizer Titanium Anode

Substrate: Titanium Grade 1 Sheet
Coating: Pt-X

Titanium anode for water electrolyzer

  1. Substrate Metal Chemical Composition:
Grade N C H Fe O Ti
Gr1 0.03 0.08 0.015 0.20 0.18 bal


  1. MMO Coating: Platinum 0.5~5 micron
Coating Oxygen revolution potential Suitable working environment
Platinum <1.68V Fluoride ion< 200PPM, PH:1-11


  1. Working Parameters for Platinum Coating:
Current density Temperature Chlorine concentration Polarity reversal Reversal frequency
<2000A/m2 40-60°C About 30grams/liter suitable 2-4 hours

Titanium anode for water electrolyzer is used to produce acid and alkaline ionized water during the electrolysis of water, and there are various strong oxidizing substances in the water, such as O3, H2O2, HCLO, etc., and the anode often changes direction, so it is necessary to use special functional electrodes. Titanium anode as the anode for water electrolyzer has the following advantages.

(a) Good electrical conductivity.

(b) High corrosion resistance.

(c) Good mechanical strength and processing performance.

(d) Long working life.

(E) good electrocatalytic performance.


The pH range of normal healthy human body is pH=7.36~7.44, which is the necessary condition for the normal metabolism of human body.

This is a necessary condition for normal metabolism. There are a series of regulating systems in the human body to keep the pH of the human body within the normal range. But with the improvement of living standard, people’s recipes include acidic food.

However, with the improvement of living standards, the ratio of acidic food (fish, meat, eggs, sugar, rice, noodles, etc.) to alkaline food (vegetables, fruits, milk, etc.) in people’s recipes is much higher.

The ratio of acidic food (fish, meat, eggs, sugar, rice, noodles, etc.) to alkaline food (vegetables, fruits, milk, etc.) in people’s recipes far exceeds the normal ratio (1:2).

Mental tension, so that the body’s acid-base balance system is out of balance, resulting in the formation of an acidic body. The acidic body, which is the sub

It is an important cause of modern diseases (high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, etc.). Long-term consumption of alkaline water

or drinks for a long time will restore people from acidic body to normal state.

Alkaline ionized water has a small number of molecules, and the structure of water molecules is a six-circle ring, which is similar to the structure of water molecules in human tissue.

The structure of water molecules in alkaline ionized water is similar to the structure of water molecules in human tissue. The water molecule group in alkaline ionized water is small, and the structure is similar to the water molecule group in tissue fluid.

Therefore, the affinity of this water with cells is much stronger than ordinary water, and has greater activity, so drinking alkaline ionized water will

Strengthen the body’s metabolic effect, making people more energetic; alkaline ionized water water molecule group is small, strong permeability, alkaline ionized water in transporting waste, regulating body conditions

Alkaline ionized water in the transport of waste, the ability to regulate the body condition is stronger than ordinary water; alkaline ionized water is weak alkaline, has the ability to neutralize the body

Alkaline ionized water is weakly alkaline and has the effect of neutralizing harmful acidic metabolites free radicals in the body and restoring unhealthy body fluids and blood to a healthy slightly alkaline state.

Alkaline ionized water can directly treat four diseases such as chronic dysentery, indigestion, abnormal fermentation in the stomach and intestines, and excessive stomach acidity.

diseases, … For other modern diseases is to improve the metabolic function of the body, remove the harmful acidic metabolites free radicals, enhance

The role of the body to prevent and improve the ability to resist disease.

Because the human skin surface PH value in about 5, and PH value between 3.8 ~ 5.5 acidic ionized water has inhibited bacterial growth, disinfection, astringent effect, all with it to wash the skin often with skin care, cosmetic effect. Because of these advantages of ionized water, ionized water generators that use platinum group metal oxide coated titanium electrodes to electrolyze water have begun to be widely used in people’s daily lives.

Quality checks:


Accelerated Life Test, Coating Thickness Test,Coating composition test,Conduct electricity conductivity testing ,

Surface roughness test, Helium Leak Detection Test, Contact Resistance Test, Electrochemical Performance Test and other test.


Improving current efficiency and prolonging service life are the core technical indicators of DSA titanium electrodes. Different industries have different requirements for the performance of titanium electrodes. Even if the same industry uses the same system of electrocatalytic coatings for different electrolytes, it may not be possible. Bring the ideal use effect. Based on years of accumulated R&D and production experience and a high-level technical team, the company can tailor a coating system that meets its own production environment for target customers to meet the differentiated needs of different industries or different customers in the same industry.



Development of electrode materials for high chlorine evolution efficiency and long life. Development of electrode materials for high acidity and long life oxygen evolution. Development of new electrode materials for mixed acid systems.






Development of high-oxygen ultra-base metal electrode materials Development of electrode materials in special fields