Platinized titanium electrodes for hydrogen-rich water cups

Titanium electrodes be used for hydrogen-rich water cups

Substrate: Titanium Grade 1
Coating: Pt-Ti
Precious metal coating: 0.25-5 μm

Electrolysis of water, that is, in the water through the direct current, resulting in hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolysis process, the water into the amount of hydrogen, the formation of hydrogen-rich water. Hydrogen added to the water has a strong reduction function, can neutralize the body of blood and cells in the reactive oxygen species (free radicals), you can remove the body’s skin free radicals, to avoid the skin of the fiber-like fibrin damage, so that the skin Get protected. It also whitening, weight loss, enhance lipid metabolism, treatment of diseases and other effects.

Electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment in the core part of the electrolytic cell, the electrode material is the key to the electrolytic cell. As the electrolysis process using a strong acid electrolyte, requiring electrode material acid corrosion, it can not use nickel, iron and the like cheap materials, and to use platinum electrode.

Hydrogenated cup with platinum electrode parameters:

Substrate material: Gr. 1

Electrode: Gr. 1

Electrode connection: touch welding, spot welding or screw fixation

Coating process: high temperature sintering

Use ambient temperature: ≤ 65 ℃

Use of environmental pH: 2-12

Working current density: ≤ 2000A / m2

Oxygen potential: ≥1.9V

Coating characteristics: platinum and titanium substrate with a solid, stable performance, high output current density, loss of small, long life

Product shape: net, plate, tube, bar, line, etc., or profiled material

Main purposes: hydrogen-rich cup, hydrogen-rich water machine, water water machine, water glass, hydrogenated cup;

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