How to judge the performance of titanium anode:

How to judge the performance of titanium anode:

The titanium anode is the “heart” of the electrochemical system or device. The performance of the titanium anode directly affects the electrolysis efficiency, energy consumption and stability of the electrochemical system. As the world’s leading manufacturer of precious metal electrodes, ODEVS has established a close partnership with many electrochemical system developers to provide the best solutions to end customers.

3 key parameters to judge the performance of titanium anodes:

① Intensified life test, the life of the electrode plate with a 2-year life can reach 60 hours under the enhanced current of 20000A/square meter. This parameter is mainly to verify the ability of the anode plate to resist oxygen corrosion when the side reaction of the oxygen evolution reaction occurs.

② The chlorine evolution efficiency of the anode plate, this parameter mainly refers to how much current is used to generate chlorine evolution under the same salinity of the reaction plate, that is, the chlorine evolution capacity of the anode plate.

③ The chlorine evolution potential is the potential of the anode plate when the chlorine evolution reaction occurs. If the potential is low, the anode will save electricity. This parameter is basically the same as the formula of ruthenium and iridium.

The quality of titanium anode is the best when the above three conditions are met.