MMO Tubular Anode

MMO Tubular Anode become the most ideal and promising auxiliary anode material at present

MMO Tubular Anode, it has the advantages of other anodes. It has become the most ideal and promising auxiliary anode material at present. In the field of cathodic protection, titanium is used as the base, so it is easy to be processed into various shapes and is light in weight, which is convenient for handling and installation.

MMO in the anode with electrochemical stability and excellent in design, the anode structure, anode and anode cable with electrical connection, so as to avoid the problem of copper anode necking “existence”, suitable for deep and shallow surface and impressed current cathodic protection system.

Titanium anodes for impressed current cathodic protection include ribbons, tubes and so on. The oxide layer covered electrode for high catalytic activity, potential titanium exposed in some surface defects of usually not more than 2 volts, so the titanium substrate does not produce surface passivation film breakdown (Applied in soil, in general control voltage below 60 VOLTS).

Technical parameter:

Resistivity of coating: 10-7.M

Service life

In shallow soil, deep soil container protection conditions, with the current density of 100A/m2 anode in cathodic protection, the service life of more than 20 years;

The seawater under cathodic protection with titanium anode, the current density of 600A/m2, the service life of more than 20 years.

The content of titanium matrix: 99.60%

Application field of MMO titanium anode:

1, continuous horizontal bed, non continuous horizontal ground and shallow buried vertical bed

2. Condensed water tank, heat exchanger and water treatment equipment

3. Underground storage tanks, ground storage tanks and water storage tanks

4, ships, roads, bridges, building steel corrosion protection, etc.